County, mayor face federal lawsuit
The county and its mayor are defendants in a sexual discrimination suit filed in federal court.

National Fair Housing Advocate Online
Court grants class-action status to Hispanic abuse suit

The Seattle Times
Tennessee judge tells immigrant mothers: Learn English or else
Tennessee police struggle with 'No habla Ingles' calls

National Immigration Law Center
Class action filed against Tennessee’s “certificate for driving” law; DL-related litigation pending in other states
Learn English or Lose Kids

Knox News Blogs
Learn English or else!

TennBarU (Tennessee Bar Association)
Civil Rights Issues and Immigration Law (includes video)

Tennessee Bar Association
Letter from Jerry Gonzalez: Courts need to follow the rule for certified interpreters

Tennessee Bar Association
Letter from Jerry Gonzalez: Proposed INS bills will not solve problems

Nashville Business Journal
Confusion over notary public designation can lead Latinos astray in legal world

Nashville Scene
Above The Law: security company and the Metro Police Department

Nashville Scene
Bigotry From the Bench: Lawyers cringe when a Wilson County judge orders moms to learn English—or else

Nashville Scene
He Fights the Law: Maybe he has an attitude problem, but when attorney Jerry Gonzalez sues judges, jailers and jackasses, everyone listens

Nashville Scene
Mama’s Boys: In a dispute over loud music, Nashville rock rebels turn to their hardcore mother

Nashville Scene
On File: A security company owned by state Rep. Ben West is the target of a federal lawsuit

Nashville Scene
Part I: How rogue guards at a Nashville security firm terrorized Hispanics they were paid to protect

Nashville Scene
Police Politics: The inside story of the Hispanic abuse case

Nashville Scene
Probation Violations: This time, Tennessee's parole board is the lawbreaker

Nashville Scene
Quick to Judge: Hispanics face sudden courtroom interrogation

Nashville Scene
Sexual Dangers: The police department's use of confidential informants may be putting prostitutes in harm's way

Nashville Scene
This Is Your Witness on Drugs: Judge orders new trial for defendants convicted on coked-up testimony

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